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A multimedia designer showcase website.

Freelance fullstack dev, i also do 3D modelisation, printing and videogames development.
Each of them being a part of new techs, that’s why i call myself a multimedia designer.

Web Development

Being quite curious since childhood, i use this trait for my professional activity.
Full-stack developer since 2023, i began only with front-end in 2015 and was led to use ReactJS/VueJS in association with PHP lately. But any technology behind web development will seduce me.

To me web development is just a cooking recipe where you pour creativity, logic and ideas to finish with a big cake where you finaly can have a taste of your last months hard work.

3D Modeling & Printing

Role player and wargamer for a long time, i joined the 3D modeler & printer community in 2020, began only for my friends and i, and then came to propose my services as a professional 3D modeler and Printer.

Even though this is not my main activity, it allows me to discover new skills, and a whole new world of new technologies.

Level & Game Design​

Since highschool, I like to create stories, lands and worlds for role play games.
Enjoying building balanced rules, that fit the universe and can be easily used.

I worked on a few videogames (for smartphones and PC) in indy companies and it was a nice experience. I’m now working on another kind of challenge, wanting to work on a strategy webgame avalable from the browser.