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3D Printing & Modeling

You are wondering how much could your project cost ? A 28mm scale tank, like for Games workshop models, is around 40€, a single footman is about 1€ and a cavalry unit is about 2€.

The Cuman horde

A new client came and needed an upgrade for his cuman army for the game “SAGA Age of Crusades” which lead to 60 figurines, all of them being cavalry.

Hermit Crab

Personnal project of a client, he modelised it and asked me to print it. In the same order he asked for tokens who will be used as objectives.

Wandering imperials

First big order, there was 8 vehicles and around 30 infantry troops plus mortars, gatling and more. Each printed also with my Elegoo Mars 1 but switched for an Elegoo Mars 2 during the process.

imperial army

Dwarf fortress army

New comer in the Ninth age, i had friends joining me. One of them wanted to play dwarves. I modelled each fig of his army and printed them with an Elegoo printer Mars 1.

My print & paint

My 3D creations

see more creations on Cults3D : AM-Loricen

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